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Hello, our $695 Basic Cremation Package covers the entirety of the cremation process, transportation for your loved one up to 75 miles to our facility in Acworth, GA (there is an additional $5/mile for every mile beyond our 75-mile radius), and a temporary container is provided in which the remains will be stored. There is an additional $50 Document Processing Fee that covers notifying Social Security of your loved one’s passing, registering all medical and demographic information with the state of Georgia, and initiating the filing of the certified death certificate process. There are no certified death certificates that are included in our costs, so if you wish to purchase them, the state of Georgia will charge $25 for the first copy and $5 for each additional copy. Once they are registered, we will give you a call to let you know that they are ready to be picked up. You can go to any county’s probate court or Department of Public Health to pick them up. Please keep in mind that death certificates can take 2-3 weeks to be registered in the state of Georgia if a passing occurs naturally. If your loved one’s passing falls under the jurisdiction of a coroner or medical examiner, the registration process can take up to 11 weeks or longer.

1. Please list your loved one’s Next of Kin that will be signing the cremation authorizations.

  • Next of Kin order is: spouse, majority of adult children, parents, majorityof adult siblings, other relatives, and public administrators.
    • If you have an Advance Directive for Health Care or a Durable Power of Attorney designating you as the Health Care Agent and able to handle the arrangements for disposition, please include the file so we may review it.
  • The cremation authorizations can be signed at our facility or sent to an email address via DocuSign.

2. Is your loved one currently under hospice care?

3. Does your loved one have a primary care doctor?

4. Please provide a copy of the photo ID or a recent photo of your loved one, which is needed for identification purposes at our facility.

  • Driver’s license, passport, concealed carry ID, or a military ID are acceptable.
  • Photo IDs cannot be FAXed, please submit via email

5. Do you know if your loved one had any radiation or chemo-therapy within the last 30 days?

    • If yes, we will need his or her radiation and oncologist doctor’s name and phone number. We will need to contact them to confirm if we are clear to perform the cremation as radiation and/or chemo-therapy treatment may hinder the process.

6. Does your loved one have any metal in their body (i.e., replacement metals, pacemaker, defibrillator)?

7. Is your loved one over the height of 6’4” or over the weight of 275 pounds?

  • A $150 charge will be added due to the need of an alternative cremation container.
  • An additional $300 charge will be added if your loved one is over the weight of 350 pounds.

8. Do you prefer to pick up your loved one’s cremated remains from our office, delivered, or shipped?

  • We cannot store or dispose of cremated remains at the request of the family.
  • Our office hours for pick-up are Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM.
  • We deliver within a 75-mile radius from our office located at 4324 Hwy 92, Acworth, GA 30102 for $125.
  • We ship cremated remains through USPS Express Mail. Your loved one’s remains will arrive between 1-2 days and will be given a tracking number.
    • Shipping east of the Mississippi River is $95 and $125 west of the Mississippi River.
    • Shipping costs may vary depending on weight and if an urn has been purchased.
    • Arrival dates may vary depending on nationally recognized holidays and weather.
  • $75
  • $75 - In-state, $95 - Out-of-State (East of Mississippi River), $125 - Out-of-State (West of Mississippi River)

9. Once the cremated remains are ready, would you like to place anyone else on the authorized recipient list, if you are not able to receive them?

  • Leaf Cremation does not release cremated remains, death certificates, or any other information to unauthorized people.

Additional Authorized Recipients

10. A Temporary Container with a label of your loved one’s information is included. We can assist you with choosing a decorative urn, pendants, or permanent memorialization, if you wish to purchase one.

  • A wide variety of options can be selected from our website by clicking on the link: Leaf Cremation Urns.
  • We also offer to transfer your loved one’s cremated remains to an urn you already have one at no additional cost.

11. Who will be handling the payment for the services requested?

  • If paying by credit/debit card, there is a 3% card processing fee that will be added to the total cost.
    • In order to avoid this fee, you may pay by bank draft (account and routing number), cash, or check.

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Once all documentation has been collected, it will take up to four business days for your loved one’s cremated remains to be ready.

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